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Ensure that children, families, and asylum seekers have access to justice!

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Your donation to the Carmen Chavez Justice Fund will ensure that survivors of human rights violations have access to free quality legal services.

As we start 2021, we reflect on the challenges faced in 2020 -- an unpredictable year. And as we look back to the children, women, and men served at Casa Cornelia, one theme emerges: What if they didn't have an attorney?

  • Children like Wang Lei* who escaped persecution and violence in China because of his values, and whose face lit up excitedly once he realized that he won asylum protection in the U.S.
  • Survivors of domestic violence like Teresa*, who left her abuser and prevailed after years of being counseled by Casa Cornelia. With disbelief she asked: “Does this mean I can have a driver’s license? Does this mean I can go to school?” To which the answer was: “yes, you can!”
  • Asylum seekers like Simon*, who fled horrible violence and civil conflict in Africa and won his case, as Casa Cornelia was there to represent him. Simon now has a new life, has earned a degree, and is thriving with his family.

If these survivors did not have an attorney, they would have faced severe harm or even death. As we embark 2021, a new year full of new possibilities, we ask for your support.

Your contribution will be the reason that survivors like Teresa, Simon, and Wang Lei do have an attorney by their side as they fight for their freedom and safety.

In 2021, immigration policies will surely change. Your support will provide high quality legal services to many who find themselves in limbo, waiting to receive a work permit or find out when their court date will be scheduled.

Your gift to the Carmen Chavez Justice Fund will allow children, families, and asylum seekers to receive the most effective legal response through Casa Cornelia's pro bono legal services, now and into the future.

Please make a donation today, every gift helps!

Consider making a monthly donation. A recurring (monthly) gift will help you spread your contribution through the year, or indefinitely. Your donation will provide ongoing access to legal services for local survivors of human rights violations who live here in San Diego County, as well as individuals who travel from all around the world and present themselves at the U.S. border, seeking asylum.

*Names have been changed to protect client confidentiality.