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Engage in generosity this season.

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Ensure that children, families, and asylum seekers have access to justice.

Happy December Holiday!

The end of the year is a joyous time for many people around the world. Wearing colorful, fuzzy socks at home, drinking hot chocolate with family, and watching a fun movie under a blanket. It is the end of the year relief. You can let out a deep sigh now, you deserve it.

Let's all enjoy the winter holidays with those we care for, but also help make this winter a little better for those who need it.

Winter, no matter how warm and cozy it is, can be cold and harsh for others. It isn't such a happy holiday for detained children separated from their families, it isn't such a cozy winter for victims of domestic abuse, and it is not a fun time for the asylum seekers who fear being sent home where they might be persecuted.

Thank you so much for all the contributions you have made to Casa Cornelia throughout year. Please consider one last donation to end 2022 on a good note. Help spread a little cheer and a little change for the new year! Your donation makes a difference in the life and legal battles of a child, a family, an asylum seeker, and a survivor.